We have in-depth knowledge of monetising content based on years of experience in the industry. No matter whether your priorities lie in production or marketing, distribution or submission, bibliometrics or ethical publishing behaviour, you can rely on us to make your publishing venture a success.


Navigating the intricacies of peer review is a growing challenge for publishers. Delays, inconsistent evaluations, and fraud undermine scholarly credibility. Magknowlia helps you to discover actionable insights and best practices to streamline the process, elevate quality, foster transparency, and above all find reviewer.


Enhance your academic publishing process through Magknowlia. We advise in targeted, data-driven manuscript acquisition, and help you engage effectively with potential authors. Our methods adhere to the highest ethical standards, fostering trust and elevating the quality of your publications. Transform manuscript acquisition through informed, respectful…


The editorial process is something that, for most publishers, evolved over time and ‘just works the way it works.’ We like to compare editorial due diligence as a kind of ‘spring cleaning’; something that you should do at regular intervals. Click for more information:


At Magknowlia, we offer comprehensive assistance in defining and executing effective sales and business development strategies for academic publishers. Our goal is to provide customized and cutting-edge solutions, leveraging our expertise in the academic publishing landscape to help you thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. We’re…


At Magknowlia, we offer comprehensive and tailored training programs designed to enhance skills, knowledge, and efficiency in academic publishing. We train ‘live’, either online or in person and cover authors, editors, reviewers, and publishers. Check out what we can do for you.


In the rapidly evolving world of academic publishing, an efficient and optimized production process is paramount. Magknowlia offers expert guidance and innovative solutions to enhance your production capabilities. We can help you with production & workflow optimization (including XML, LaTex, and HTML), vendor sourcing, tendering…


At Magknowlia, we understand the unique challenges faced by academic societies and provide tailored, practical solutions to fulfil their mission and contribute to high-quality scholarly publishing. Our expertise and strategic planning ensure a smooth and successful publication of your journal(s) and book(s) to the benefit…


At Magknowlia, we prioritize ethical practices as the foundation of any reputable scholarly publication. Our services and guidance ensure that your journal adheres to the highest standards of integrity, following guidelines and best practices established by organizations like the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Click…


At Magknowlia, we comprehend the distinctive challenges and opportunities presented by M&A in the content sector. Our expertise and support are at your disposal throughout the entire process from opportunity identification, through valuation, due diligence, through to negotiation, closing, and implementation.


At Magknowlia, we acknowledge the central role financial decisions play in shaping every business strategy within the publishing landscape. We are committed to providing expert assistance in financial planning and management to support your success. Below, you can find out more:


In the contemporary digital age, the effectiveness and reliability of IT solutions are fundamental to the success of academic publishing. With Magknowlia, you gain a trusted partner who comprehends the unique IT needs of academic publishers. Our goal is to help you leverage technology to…


Magknowlia, primarily a consultancy firm, recognizes the paramount importance of recruitment in your success within the academic publishing sector. To complement our services, we offer tailored recruitment solutions to meet your staffing needs. Leveraging our vast network of talented professionals, we can assist you with…