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9 Sep 2023

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All our editors are native English-speakers with a PhD, or extensive editing and publishing experience, and have been carefully screened and trained. Your paper will be edited by somebody with editing experience that is a native speaker of English, and understands your field of research. That is the Magknowlia guarantee.

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Revolutionize your peer-review process with our expert solutions. From bottleneck diagnosis to customized strategies, we guide publishers every step of the way. Benefit from reviewer recruitment, anti-bias measures, and advanced tech integrations. Elevate quality, speed, and ethics in academic publishing. Your optimal peer-review process starts here. 

Peer-Review Process Analysis
We conduct an in-depth analysis of your current peer-review process to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and potential areas for improvement.
Customized Peer-Review Strategy
Based on our analysis, we design a tailored strategy to streamline your peer-review process, reduce turnaround times, and improve the overall quality and integrity of reviews.
Reviewer Recruitment and Management
We provide guidance on identifying, recruiting, and retaining qualified reviewers. This includes strategies for building a robust reviewer database and fostering a dedicated reviewer community.
Reviewer Training
We offer training programs to enhance the skills of your reviewers and ensure they understand the dynamics of an effective review process.
Process Automation
We recommend advanced tools and platforms to automate routine tasks in the peer-review process, such as reviewer selection and assignment, correspondence, and tracking manuscript progress.
Bias Mitigation
We offer strategies to reduce bias in the peer-review process, such as double-blind or open review models, depending on the norms of your specific field.
Reviewer Recognition and Reward Programs
We assist in creating and implementing programs to acknowledge the valuable contribution of reviewers, helping to increase reviewer engagement and satisfaction.
Ethics and Integrity Guidance
We provide guidance on upholding ethical standards and maintaining the integrity of the peer-review process, including managing conflicts of interest and dealing with cases of potential research misconduct.
Technology Integration
We suggest state-of-the-art solutions for managing your peer-review process, including AI-assisted tools and blockchain-based systems to enhance transparency and accountability.
Continuous Support
We offer ongoing support to help you navigate changes and challenges in the peer-review process, ensuring a smooth, efficient review workflow.
Each of these services can be customized to your specific needs and requirements, ensuring an optimal peer-review process that upholds the quality of your publications and advances scholarly communication. 

We are dedicated to helping you navigate and overcome the challenges of academic peer review. 


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All our editors are native English-speakers with a PhD, or extensive editing and publishing experience, and have been…


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